Lava Tour Guest lava photos from 121411

Lava boat touring over the past couple days has been unbelievable. Heres a couple photos shot with a standard point and shoot camera by a very pleased guest.

Hi, Shane and crew –

Just a quick email to thank you for an EXTRAORDINARY tour this afternoon of the lava flowing into the sea. It is undeniably a “bucket list” experience — Powerful, primordial, unforgettable.

I’ve posted a review to Trip Advisor, which I hope shows up on their website fairly soon. It was, of course, a five-star rating.

Although my pictures can’t hold a candle to the photographers on board who had big fancy cameras, I’m sending a few of my shots along for your files.

Thank you for the highlight of our latest trip to the Big Island. It’s something that Paul and I will never forget.

With great gratitude,

David Wertheimer