Current Lava Conditions 6/12/2016

New Lava Flow heads for the sea

Lava is on the move to the SE once again moving 300 yards a day in a big way.  For those seeking Big Island Adventure on a Lava Boat Tour finally after 3 years of waiting we have a prospective lava flow headed toward the sea. Now it can take as little as a week for this to occur however most likely we will be on the wait for a few months while Pele sprints down the pali and dances about the land in route to the sea. The last ocean entry ceased on August 25, 2013 so be ready when it happens Lava Ocean Tours has since renewed our fleet with 2 new cutting edge Armstrong Marine aluminium catamarans to provide the ultimate lava boat tour.

image1 (7) IMG_1737

We now have the 40 ft “Lavaone” US Coast Guard rated for 49 guests and the all new 33 ft “LavaKai II” a redesign of the popular LavaKai a 30 passenger vessel.  Both boats are well equipped with marine restrooms, stereo sounds, comfortable covered seating and unobstructed views.  Keep posted we will be updating the new lava flows regularly as the lava flows progress and will be opening up tours soon to see the lavas progress to the sea on our Hawaii Lava Hikes and Volcano Boat Tours.

June 9, 2016 Lava Flowing Southeast by Mick Kalber Tropical Vison Video from Mick Kalber on Vimeo.